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For Employers

Standard Business Sponsor
In Australia, employers seeking to or need to employ foreign workers can apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor.


The process of being approved as a Standard Business Sponsor is difficult, but with the right advice and representation, it is often possible for a business to be approved fairly quickly.


The SCVI Migration team can provide specialized advice and assistance to small and medium enterprises or businesses seeking to become Standard Business Sponsors. We provide efficient support processes for our clients to ensure that Spopnsorships, Nominations and visas are all granted quickly and without ihassle, saving you valuable time and money.


Having been down the same road, SCVI Migration is keen to support startups and recently established businesses in achieving fast Business Sponsorship Approvals.


We are able to offer tailored solutions that would suit your business strategy and situation.

For Employees

Employer Nomination Scheme
Have you found an employer in Australia who is willing to sponsor you? That's great news! All you need now is the right visa.


Employer sponsorship isn't a one-size fit all as there are numerous visa types to consider. It is important that you pick the right visa to suit your needs, so thorough research is recommended. SCVI Migration is experienced in handling the following employer sponsorship visa subclasses.


  • Temporary Business (457)
    The 457 temporary business visa grants you the right to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. Once you have been in the country and worked for your sponsor for 2 years, you will be eligible for nomination for permanent residency through the Temporary Resident Transition Stream.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (186)
    This employer nominated visa gives permanent residency to you and your family whether you are elgible for the temporary resident transition stream or the direct entry option. Choosing the right route makes your life easier and we will be more than happy to give you advice.

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (197)
    Your employer must be based in a designated regional area to sponsor you on this permanent residency visa. You may not need a skill assessment and the employer obligations are more lenient than the 186 visa. 


Whether you are overseas and have a willing Australian sponsor, or if you are already in Australia on a working holiday, as a student or as a tourist, you must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for employer sponsorship.

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