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Business and Investor Visas

If you have a solid business background and would like to make an investment or run a business in Australia, you and your immediate family may be eligible for permanent residency status in Australia.


To become eligible, sponsorship by an Australian State or Territory is required. All business visas except the business talent visa are provisional for a duration of four years, in which the visa holder may then apply for permanent residency status afterwards.


For all visa classes, the applicant must be able to:


  • demonstrate an overall successful business career, record of investment or business activity

  • demonstrate commitment to establishing a business or making an investment in Australia

  • show the need to become a resident in Australia (relevant to the business)


An Expression of Interest must first be lodged. Once an invitation from the Department of Immigration is issued, the visa application may then be lodged.


Australian Business Migration Regulations are frequently changing and the evidential onus is becoming heavier. A well researched business plan or investment proposal is key to the success of your application. 


SCVI can guide you through and assist you with this process.

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