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Document Collection and Review

It is imperative for visa applications to be as accurate and efficient as possible. Documents should be submitted on-time and error-free. Every tiny mistake will delay your application process, sometimes making huge waves and costing you more time and money, even putting your application at risk.


SCVI Migration has comprehensive knowledge on the required documents and the documentation requirements for each visa type. We have a great track record of getting documents done right and we also have ISO 9001 certified quality management systems in place to ensure that nothing is overlooked.


If you would like to get organized and remove the hassle of fussing over the documents yourself, come speak with us and we might just be able to help you do that.


Generally, we will issue you with a personalized list of documents to obtain and explain to you the requirements of each document. We will also review your documents before they are submitted. With us, you get:


  • a definitive list of documents that you need to submit

  • thorough and easy to understand descriptions of the requirements of each document

  • instructions and advice on how to obtain the documents you need

  • electronic storage of your documents

  • a review of the documents

  • advice on what to correct, replace or add on, and any possible alternatives

  • certified true copy of documents (provided that you bring along the originals and only when all other documents have been collated)


Translation and Interpretation

All documents in languages other than English would need to get certified translation done in Australia, before they can be used e.g. submitted with an application. To get a certified translation, you would very likely need a professional linguist with current NAATI translator accreditations, a person who is an accredited practitioner and specialist in the particular language you seek. NAATI translators acquire accreditation through thorough testing and recognition and is tightly regulated.


SCVI Migration provides professional and certified translation services for the following languages:


  • Chinese Traditional (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

  • Chinese Simplified (Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia)

  • Bahasa (Indonesia and Malaysia)

  • Persian


Most of SCVI Migration's team members are migrants themselves and have been through the same or similar processes that you may be undertaking. We understand the difficulties that you may be experiencing and can provide assistance through first hand experience.


If you are having difficulties communicating with English and would like a professional interpretor, or just somebody that communicates in a language familiar to yourself, feel free to give us a call. Our team members are proficient in the following languages:


  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Bahasa

  • Persian

  • Yoruba



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